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2007 Homework Hotline Hero


Congratulations to Charles Moore, the 2007 Homework Hotline Hero!  Mr. Moore is the Learning Center Director at Pike Freshman Center, Indianapolis, IN.  He has enthusiastically embraced the Homework Hotline's services and personally coordinated efforts to increase awareness about the Hotline throughout his school corporation and the community by:

  • advertising the Homework Hotline in a tutor packet that he distributes to students and parents.
  • sending weekly emails to Pike Freshman Center educators that include reminders about the Homework Hotline tutoring services.
  • promoting the Homework Hotline within the community at study groups in various school districts.

Charles Moore has gone above and beyond to promote the Homework Hotline to his students, parents, and fellow educators.  Thank you, Mr. Moore, for your dedication and ongoing support!

The Homework Hotline staff also expresses our thanks to you for submitting your Homework Hotline Hero nominations and for all of your individual efforts to promote the Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline. 
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