Dentists donate their time & talent

Reporter: Shannon Samson
New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

Friday was "Give Kids a Smile Day."

Dentists donated their supplies and talent to children whose parents can't afford regular check-ups.

The Dental Associates of Evansville spent about $12,000 treating 60 children. The dentists don't just fill cavities. They offer advice too on how to prevent them. Dr. Dana Morris says brushing and flossing are important but so is cutting down on sugar, "Having it on a regular basis all day long creates a constant acid attack on your teeth as opposed to just having one soft drink, brushing and being done. If you're constantly drinking soft drinks, constantly drinking juice, milk, even things that are healthy for you, that's constant acid attack on your teeth."

The Indiana Dental Association organizes this annual event to raise awareness about access problems for low income families. Only a third of children on Medicaid go to the dentist regularly, yet half of all children suffer tooth decay.