TN: Mangled mouse found in preschool's food

(Editor's note: This story come from our sister station WAVE3)

New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

School officials in Oak Ridge,TN say a mangled mouse was found in green beans being served to preschool students.

City schools assistant principal Ken Green says about half of the three- and four-year-old students in the program had been served when the mouse was found Wednesday. No one was reported ill.

School officials say the food is cooked at Oak Ridge High School and is brought to the preschool in containers that keep it warm. It's then delivered to the classrooms in bowls. A teacher helping serve the food discovered the mouse.

Green says all the cooked beans and the remaining cans of them were immediately pulled. The Anderson County Health Department, the federal Agriculture Department and food service provider Aramark were notified.

The Health Department's Doctor Paul Erwin says there was "minimal if any" health risk.

School superintendent Tom Bailey sent letters to the parents of the preschool students.

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