Burn calories while sliding around on discs

Burn calories while sliding around on discs

Gliding is just now catching on in Evansville although some of the large workout chains in the U.S., like Crunch and Equinox, have been doing it for a few years.

Those who do it say they get a cardio and strength-training workout that's actually fun.

Instructor Theresa McNeely learned how to lead a gliding class from the inventor herself, former World Aerobic Champ Mindy Mylrea who was inspired by child's play.

McNeely says, "She started out in her kitchen with her three young boys with paper plates scooting around having fun, and then it's gotten to this point."

The point where people around the country are sliding around on 9-inch discs without slipping.

"You place your feet on the gliders, like the first two thirds of your foot on the glider, and so that when you're ready to stop, you can just put your heels down like brakes when you're skating," explains McNeely.

Yet, the idea is not to be completely stable, so that your muscles have to work harder to keep you from falling.

You can glide with your legs and with your arms, using your own body weight as resistance.

McNeely describes, "With the gliding, you're just lifting yourself. You know, just think of all the pressure on your deltoids and your chest; you're naturally getting stronger there. Your core is naturally getting stronger."

Unlike traditional aerobics that can be hard on the joints, the graceful, fluid motions of gliding burn calories while sculpting muscles.

Jeff Riley, class participant, says, "It makes you concentrate a little bit more, and you have to take things at a little bit of a slower pace, so you're working muscles a little bit better that way."

How does he know? Because the day after gliding class, he can feel it. "In my legs, my hips and my thighs."

The instructor says she never runs out of exercises to do with the gliding discs. They even double as fans when class is over.

Shannon Samson even tried it out for herself. She took Theresa's class on New Year's Eve, and she says she was sore for days, and that it's a tough workout. So it's maybe not for beginners although some of the moves can be modified.

The gliding classes are on Tuesdays at 4:45 p.m. at the Dunigan Family YMCA. That's on the eastside of Evansville. If it catches on, they say, they'll add more classes.

For more information on the class, call Tessa at the Dunigan Family YMCA at (812) 471-9750 or visit the Gliding Sliding Disc Exercise System's Web site.