Country legend's new DVD features Evansville performance

The Centre in downtown Evansville gets some worldwide exposure.

Kenny Rogers performed a concert at the Centre last April, and a portion of that concert can now be seen on a DVD released this week.

The DVD, titled "The Journey," is about Kenny Roger's music career.

The SMG Entertainment Group that operates the Centre says the Evansville facility was picked because of its technical capacity. SMG hopes the exposure will prompt other big name entertainment to come to Evansville.

John Bolton, SMG's general manager, says, "It's an exciting time for the venue, and it's exciting for all the patrons that were involved to relive that concert that they were here. He talked about Evansville a lot in here, and the many times he visited Evansville, so it was kind of a neat remembrance for a lot of people who have been Kenny Rogers fans for such a long time."

SMG was recognized in the credits of the video.