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List of State and Local Officials Sworn In New Year's Day

State Officials

Bob Deig, State Senator District 49
Dennis Avery, State Representative District 75
W. Trent Van Haaften, State Representative District 76
Phil Hoy, State Representative, District 77

Vanderburgh County Officials

Stanley M. Levco, Prosecuting Attorney
Bill Fluty, Jr., Auditor
Eric R. Williams, Sheriff
Jonathan Weaver, Assessor
Troy Tornatta, Commissioner District 2
James B. Raben, Council District 1
Royce A. Sutton, Council District 3
Lloyd W. Winnecke, Council Distrct 4
Donna Leader, Council At Large


Vanderburgh County Judicial

Mary (Maggie) Lloyd, Superior Court
Brett J. Miemeier, Superior Court
Robert (Jeff) Tornatta, Superior Court
Wayne S. Trockman, Superior Court
Carl A. Heldt, Circuit Court

Vanderburgh Township Offices

Debbie Stucki, Center Assessor
Tim Schaefer, German Assessor
Glen Tornatta Koob, Perry Assessor
Paul Hatfield, Pigeon Assessor
Fred L. Happe, German Trustee
John Habermel, Scott Assessor
Linda Kaye Durham, Knight Trustee
David W. Mosby, Perry Trustee
Mary E. Hart, Pigeon Trustee
Joseph E. Steinkamp, Union Assessor/Trustee

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