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UPDATE: No school closings planned for EVSC

Reporter: Liza Danver

New Media Producer: Rachel Beavin

Changes may be coming to the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

The interim superintendent says administrators, teachers, and community leaders have been meeting at area schools to discuss the best way to improve instruction.

Boosting education may mean consolidating or changing the structure of some schools.   Interim Superinendant Bob Yeager held meetings at Glenwood Middle, and Lodge and Culver Elementary schools to discuss topics that administrators say have been issues within EVSC for years.

Issues like re-organizing and re-structuring schools, lengthening the elementary student's day, and implementing full day kindergarten.

Evansville Teachers' Assn. Don Travis says the choice of meeting place was random,"We set up the conversations in those three buildings. They could've been any three buildings in the community. Those are just the ones they happened to be."

But these meetings spurred rumors within the community that Glenwood may close, causing Lodge and Culver to expand into K thru 8 schools.

Yeager says, "There has been no conversation that said there's an absolute decision that Glenwood will be closed. That was never said."

Even though Yeager says no decisions have been made, he does tell me there has been talk about making Glenwood a magnet school in hopes to attract more students.

Yeager also admits there has been discussion of restructuring schools into various formats including K thru 8. Although he emphasizes no decisions have been made.

Yeager says, "In some districts we can look at consolidation in others we may need to expand services."

Yeager says the conversations between community members and educators will continue until they determine the best path to improve education in EVSC. 

Yeager says the EVSC's most immediate issue that needs to be addressed is full-day kindergarden for next year.

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