Woman Loses 100 lbs in 1 Year

There was a time in Lisa Skies' life when she wasn't ordering a whole lot of fat-free foods.

Reporter asks: "So, when you see these pictures of your old self, what goes through your mind?"

She responds, "Is that really what I looked like? Why didn't anybody tell me?"

Five years ago, this mother of one was approaching 40 weighing 228 pounds.

"I had no sense of control about what I ate, when I ate, the proportions, the balance. It was just strictly a free-for-all in my mind," recalls Lisa.

She turned to LA Weight Loss for help. Lisa says the counselors showed her how to balance her meals and cut her portions. And in just under a year, she lost 100 pounds and went from a size 18 to a 4.

Lisa says, "Once I was in the maintenance part of the program, you are on your own, and now, it's kind of like it's up to me now."

She knew she couldn't go back to ordering hamburgers and fries when eating out which is several times a week due to her travel schedule for work.

Lisa says there are things on the menu that are healthy; you just have to be willing to order them consistently.

"After you become acclimated to a certain way of life, you really don't find yourself wanting the foods you used to have before. The foods I used to eat five years ago, I don't find myself having to have today, and I'm ok with that," Lisa explains.

So dieting is no longer a struggle for her but a way of life. And these days, something else goes through her mind when she sees her own image.

She says, "Sense of accomplishment. It can be done."

Lisa says dieting isn't the only thing that gets easier the longer you do it, exercising does as well. She says now, she actually looks forward to exercising six days a week because it becomes habit.