Ample Supply of FluMist Available

A 14 Health follow up on the search for flu shots for small children.

Only one company makes the vaccine that's approved for children under three.

In October, Sanofi Pasteur announced a three week delay in shipping the serum because it had trouble producing this year's formula. Now, it's been a month and many practices are still waiting.

The staff at Hebron Pediatrics gave their last available doses to their high risk patients. They're telling healthy ones to come back later this month or even in December since they'll still be protected most of flu season which hasn't even hit yet.

Pediatrician Dr. Robin Voyles says, "It is coming, but it won't be here fully, having its impact, until January or February probably. But if you can get your flu shot early, that's great. If you don't get it until December or early January, that's acceptable, too."

Hebron Pediatrics says it has plenty of FluMist, the nasal spray vaccine. It's indicated for children over five and is $75 a dose.