On Hold: Corporate Flu Clinics

On Monday, the Visiting Nurse Association wrapped up its final community flu shot clinic in Herrin, Illinois.

Corporate clinics were supposed to start by the end of the week. But now, they'll have to be put on hold due to a distribution delay.

The Visiting Nurse Association gave 9,000 shots this month, and everything went smoothly. But the agency just found out the clinics, it planned for November at various companies around the Tri-State, will have to be put on hold - but not for long.

Because the process of making the vaccine each year is so involved, vaccine manufacturers can't keep up with the demand.

So VNA only has about 50 shots in stock right now. It's expecting another 3,000 by the end of the week. There isn't a shortage of serum - just a delay in shipment.

In fact, the CDC says a record-breaking 115 million doses should be available by the end of the season.

John Welcher, a RN with Visiting Nurse Association, explains, "I guess the goal for CDC and our goal too is that everybody who is eligible to get a flu shot could get one. What we've seen though, phenomenon-wise, is after November, no one wants one. And really, that's still a good time - all the way into December and January."

Welcher says you could receive a shot as late as Christmas and be protected until the end of flu season in March.

The corporate flu clinics have been rescheduled until after November 8. So the message is: If you have the chance to get a shot at work, get one; it's still worth it.

It's estimated that less than half of the people who can get shots actually do. So there may end up being a bunch of leftovers this year.