Bed Bugs Are Back

Bed bugs are biting again. Once believed to be eradicated in the United States, they're creeping around more homes, hotels and dormitories.

Before WWII, homeowners used DDT to kill bed bugs. The pesticide is now considered unsafe, but it was effective back in the day.

DDT got rid of bed bugs in the US, but they remained alive and well in other places across the globe.

The predominace of international travel has brought the bed bug back.

Evansville resident Rosemary Durbin says she hasn't had a good night's sleep in over a month because bugs are biting her in bed.

Rosemary says, "I was up all night scratching and irritated. So, I threw the bed out." a doctor told her the bites looked like the work of bed bugs. So, she collected a few and we showed them to a board certified entomologist, Dan Collins from Collins Pest Management.

He knew just what to look for,"I'm looking for the hairs on the thorax, the length of those and then antennal segment lengths and it's definitely a bed bug."

Collins and his colleagues aren't surprised there's a resurgence of these small, brown, flat insects.

Bed bugs eat only blood, so at any given time, they're usually only about an arm's length away from their food source, you.

Jim Werner from Collins Pest Management knows their favorite hiding places: "Fabric and wood are the two things they like, so you think about all the things that are fabric in your house your bed, your mattress, your sheets, your sofa, your night stands that are wood, your bed headboard."

Rosemary Durbin says she's tried everything, from bombing to spraying, vacuuming to taping up their suspected hiding places, but nothing has worked to get rid of these pests or the bloody excrement they leave behind.

Werner gives a word of caution,"This would probably be the one insect I would encourage and recommend, folks if you think you have bed bugs, before you do anything is to actually call a pest control company."

Once they start to multiple, bed bugs will branch out into other rooms.

So a pest control professional may need hours to thoroughly seek out all their hiding places and get rid off them. It can be costly.