Murder Suspects Caught

UPDATE, THU, 9:20 PM: The couple accused of killing social worker, Boni Frederick, are in police custody.

Renee Terrell and her boyfriend Christopher Luttrell have been on the run since Monday. They were apprehended near Godfrey Illinois.

The 10 month old traveling with them is said to be okay, and is being checked out at a hospital.

Previously: The F.B.I. has issued warrants for a Henderson couple suspected of killing a social worker and kidnapping a baby.

The nationwide manhunt for suspected killers Renee Terrell and her boyfriend Christopher Luttrell continues, and Henderson Police say they have a new lead.

Henderson Police Chief Ed Brady told 14 News a driver has found the purse of victim Boni Frederick. The purse was found near the Burnt Prairie exit on I-64 in Illinois.

Brady says the new evidence may tell them if someone else is traveling with Terrell and Luttrell. It also confirms the couple's route to Saint Louis.

Henderson police also tell 14 News a truck driver recognized the stolen car and license plate Terrell and Luttrell were last seen in Wednesday in Saint Louis.

And Friday, while the community mourns the loss of slain social worker Boni Frederick, local and federal authorities are searching for the suspected killers.

Henderson Police Chief Ed Brady says, "We're open to them being anywhere in the country with special interest in Saint Louis because that's the last known place they were."

But Brady's primary concern is for Terrell's infant son, Saige. The couple is accused of kidnapping the baby after beating Boni Frederick to death following a supervised visit in Terrell's Henderson home.

Brady says, "Apparently she made some threats in the not too distant past that she was going to take this child and leave with it."

The threat made the home visit a dangerous situation, something the National Association of Social Workers says is becoming all too common. According to a recent survey almost half of all social workers have been the target of some form of violence.

Brady says, "They're in situations where it's very emotional. People's family's are involved, and a lot of anger is there. Many times they're by themselves in a rural settings where there's not help very close."

Because home visits can be so dangerous, there's the question why the Terrell's visit wasn't in a public place. The Kentucky Department of Child Services declined an interview request, but 14 News has learned the department determines where the supervised visits will take place.

However, police say a social worker can ask for police backup at any time.

Chief Brady tells 14 News Boni Frederick didn't ask for police backup the day she went to Terrell's home for the superivised visit. Police hope her death sheds light on the dangers of home visits.

The focus right now is on capturing Terrell and Luttrell and rescuing the baby.

Frederick's funeral is set for Friday afternoon at 1:00 at Townsend Funeral Home in Dixon.