America's Most Wanted May Help in Murder Case

UPDATE, WED, 4:30 PM: The manhunt continues to bring two accused murderers to justice and bring a baby home safely.

67-year-old Boni Frederick, a social worker, was killed Monday in Henderson after taking a ten month old baby to his mother, 33-year old Renee Terrell.

Now police say Terrell and her boyfriend, Christopher Luttrell, are accused of killing Boni and are on the run.

Police keep getting calls with tips, but they have not had a confirmed sighting since the one 14 News told you about Tuesday in Smithboro, Illinois. Now the Tri State might be getting help from America's Most Wanted.

Henderson Police Chief Ed Brady says, "We don't think they have much of a support system. We don't think they can go far without contacting someone to get some support or potentially committing another crime to come up with money."

The threesome was spotted driving the victim's white 2000 Daewoo Station Wagon at a convenience store in Smithboro, Illinois Monday night.

Brady says, "The victim's credit card was used to pay at the pump, so we are convinced that was the vehicle in Smithboro, Illinois Monday evening. Since then, we don't have a confirmed sighting."

But police continue to follow up on calls and tips. They searched the suspect's home and crime scene for two days but didn't find the murder weapons or any clue as to where the suspects are headed.

Several national news agencies, including America's Most Wanted have asked for the suspects pictures to help get the word out.

Brady says, "I think the key to finding this baby is to continue with the national alerts so people will keep it fresh in their mind what we're looking for.