Indiana is Ready for a Flu Outbreak

The State of Indiana is now prepared for a pandemic flu.

The Health Department says all 92 counties have now completed their emergency response plans.

Vanderburgh County has had it finished since mid July. Public Health Coordinator Maddison Seib is among the 50 task force members who met for several months, figuring out how public agencies and hospitals would handle one third of the local population getting sick at the same time.

Seib stresses how important it is for the public to be ready too.

Seib says, "You need to have a preparedness kit together. I know for severe weather, they ask for 3 days, however, for pandemic, we're asking for two weeks. Also, stock up on things like fever-reducers and stomach medicines and also remember to wash your hands and cover your cough."

Six sub-committees are now working to educate morticians, businesses and others entities about their roles in an emergency.

Currently, no cases of the bird flu have been reported in the United States.