How Much Should Your Child's Backpack Weigh?

Whether they admit it or not, students often end up hurting from their backpacks. Studies show overloaded and improperly worn backpacks can cause neck, shoulder and back pain, adverse affects on posture and compromised breathing and fatigue.

Therefore, professors and students in USI's occupational therapy program and professionals with St. Mary's Rehab Institute host "Backpack Awareness Day." They get out the scale to make sure the book bags weigh no more than 15 percent of the child's body weight. Plus, they showed students how to wear them so they won't get hurt.

Teachers are more aware of the potential longterm consequences of heavy backpacks, so many are considering homework not just in terms of workload but book load, too.

Several states have passed legislation limiting the weight of student backpacks. Tennessee is the closest state to us.

And what about those backpacks on rollers? They are a good idea, but kids still have to lift them up steps, so they shouldn't weigh that much either.

Remember, it's 15 percent of a kid's body weight.