September 11th, 2001: Your Stories

14 News asked you to share your stories, and Monday, on the 5th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, we're sharing your stories with the world.

I had just started my first year of college at USI. It was Tuesday, and I didn't have class that day, so naturally I was sleeping in. My roomate barged into my room, woke me up, and said something to the effect of "the world is ending." I turned on the TV, and watched as the first tower poured out tons of smoke, then I saw the plane hit the second tower - Live, on my TV screen. I couldn't believe it. I saw people flinging themselves out windows. I heard normally calm and collected TV news anchors and reporters have panic in their voices. It was surreal.      I had to go to my school's radio station a few hours later for the third 'on air' shift of my life. What was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to act? "Thousands of Americans have just died - Now hear's a song by Incubus." It just seamed wrong. It was the odd - like a bad dream.

Jill Middleton Evansville, IN

I was at work, and I heard go back to Atomotive and listen what is on T.V. All of us that good go back went and to all of us eyes, we all was shocked My heart fell I was so numb my heart and mind was in tears inside How could this happen! All of us was shocked and trying to work knowing what was going on in NY and what was familys thinging ad worring It made my day rough. I said to myself:


On that day I was an eigth grader at Mt.Vernon Jr.High School. We had just started that morning another part of I-Step.

While working on the english part of the test Teachers were called out of class. We all looked around wondering what was happening.

Everyone thought that someone brought a bun to school or someone had died. Afte our 30 minutes were up for that part of the test my homebase teacher told us what had happened. We didn't quite understand what had happened. Something about a plane and it crashing into a place that was important. The rest of the day was spent watching the TV in our other classes. Slowly we became knowledgable about what had happened. Going home that day was frightening. All parents it seemed like were in the lines that kept growing to get gas because it was supposed to rise that day. I know that was the scariest day of my life and I will always remember where I was and what I was doing.

My name is Sarah Greene, I'm 18 years old, and currently attending Murray State University.

I was in Atlanta, GA at the Kimball Office showroom with co-workers from the area, and from Wisconsin, and also with dealer personnel from FL, NC, TN and GA.  I was worried about my family, worried about Atlanta being a target, and in the end, worried about how I would get home.

Steven Dunn

i remember that day like it was yesterday....i was at work and we were allowed to wear headsets while we worked..i was listening to the local radio station and the morning news when it came on the air that the first of the towers had been hit....then word about the second, then the pentagon, just couldn't believe what i was hearing...then the grounding of all aircraft and the fact that flight 93 was was a night mare...i was living in southwest iowa at the time and we were outside having one of our smoke breaks and all of a sudden we heard a jet going over and we all just froze as we knew that all aircraft was grounded....turns out it was the president heading for offut air base in omaha nebraska....i will never forget that day as long as i live...thanks for letting me tell my story....

pam miller owensboro kentucky

I had just gotten off work from the night shift at a local factory. As usual I fed my pets, ate breakfast, and watched the morning news before preparing for bed. I was about to turn off the TV when the news flashed about the first plane hitting the Twin Towers. I decided to stay up and see what had happened. I was watching when the second plane hit and was shocked and enraged that it was indeed a terrorist attack. Then the news from the Pentagon and from the field in Pa. Like millions of other people I talked to friends and family on the phone and wondered what would possess people to be so evil. When the towers came down I just sat and cried and thought how horrible it must have been for those trapped inside. Those people had just gone to work to make a living as I had done just a few hours before. They had friends, family, loved ones that would suffer from their loss forever because of the fanatical hatred of a group of terrorists. I will never forget that terrible day in the history of our great nation.

James T. Leathers Mount Carmel, Illinois

My family and I have an interesting 9/11 story. My now-ex husband was in the Navy, stationed aboard the U.S.S. Thedore Roosevelt, preparing for what we thought was going to be a routine deployment. I was 7 months pregnant, so we decided that the children and I should move here to Madisonville to be closer to family. September 11, 2001 was the first day of school here in the tri-state for both my sons. We had taken the boys to school, gotten home, and picked up the paper to start looking for a house to rent. I turned on the television and saw the events as they were unfolding. I called my then-husband downstairs and we were both in shock. We knew he would have to report back to his ship immediately, so we set about trying to make the arrangements. There was no other way for him to travel back to Virginia, other than by car. We took our sons out of school so they could say "bye" to dad. My father, My then-husband, and myself all loaded up and took him back to Norfolk!

, Virginia to his ship. We got there early the next morning, and needless to say - traffic going onto base was a nightmare. There was security everywhere. We said goodbye - unsure of what the future held. I had my daughter in November, 2001. While I was in labor, I was able to talk to my husband on the cell phone, as he was on his ship off the coast of Afghanistan. My daughter didn't get to meet dad until she was almost 6 months old. Her birthday is on November 2nd, but to dad - she was born on November 3rd, since that was the date it was in the part of the world he was in.

Brenda Lamb

Hi,     I was on a trip as leader for Old National Banks 50+Free club and we had arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia that morning.  Halifax is an hour ahead of NYC, so we were already off the ship and looking around.  We had rented a car, my mom, wife and 10 year old daughter and were heading to Peggy's Cove, a beautiful lighthouse point, but also famous for the crash site of the Swiss Air plane crash a few years earlier.  We were listening to the radio when news of the first "accident" came on.  A short time later we heard about the 2nd and new we were under attack.  Our next stop was a cemetery with Titanic dead graves.  It was odd, hearing about the attacks on America while visiting where the plane crash was as well as remnants of the Titanic tragedy.  We decided that I had to try to get ahold of my other kids, so I stopped at a payphone and couldn't get it to work.  I finally called the operator and told her my situation.  She immediately, without further notice, connected my call at no cost to my kids school so that I could tell them that we were all ok.  I'll never forget the kindness of that operator.  When we got back to port, the huge Canadian Flag was already at half staff and the Canadians were asking, via radio, for all who could to come to the airport and take care of the many passengers that were landing at Halifax International Airport, since the US airports were closed.  Many Canadians showed up and picked up stranded passengers and opened their homes.  I'll never forget the sadness of the Canadians, as well as being in Canada not knowing what was really going on and if we'd get back anytime soon.     We had left from NYC harbor on the cruise and we found out that we couldn't go back there.  We ended the cruise, with one extra night, in Boston.  We then bused back to LaGuardia for our flight home on the 17th.  We took off and flew right over the still smoldering WTC site.  It was unreal.  When we reached Cincinnati airport, it was as if we had all escaped a war zone.  When we reached Evansville, the Old National Bank staff was standing by to greet us all (about 30) and they had full size American Flags for each of us.  It was quite a homecoming.    God Bless America!

Kevin C. Williams Mt. Carmel, IL

I was at Vincennes University and had just woken up and instead of hearing loud music and talking all over the dorms, all I heard was news reports.  I walked to the room next to mine and it was about that time the second plane hit.  Seemed almost like a video game, but was real.  We still had classes that day but most of my broadcasting classes were short because our professors wanted us to watch what was going on in NY.

Adam K. From Terre Haut, in

I was in BC. Canada, and had been for over two months.  I was awakened at 6:50 A. M. PST, when my stepson there called and said turn on the TV to any channel. This was just minutes before we  knew for sure that the pentagon had been hit, as well as the two trade center towers. I was not with anyone that was a U. S. Citizen.  As I watched, I had no idea if my entire country was being attacked.  All I knew was, my four children, and most of family was here in the tri-state area, and though I was less than an hour and a few miles from the U. S. border, it could well have been a million miles. I watched, stunned, and didn't realize that tears were flowing.  In an instant, I knew that life as we knew it, would never be the same.  When we learned another plane was unaccounted for, I said, "It will never reach its target." When someone asked why, I told them that at least one person on the plane would have a cell phone, and learn about the trade center, and by now, the pentagon.  The would know they would not live anyway, and the able bodied Americans would take the plane down, or our government would have to take it down.  A few minutes later, we learned that the plane had indeed crashed in a field in Pa.  Finally, someone told me that I couldn't take it personally.  I think that hit hardest of all.  I said, "My country has just been attacked.  When an outside force hurts one American, they hurt all of us, and I take it very personally." I give the Canadian people credit for turning out to help feed the passengers that were headed for the U. S. and had to land in Canada.  Some even opened their homes to stranded passengers. I already had a plane ticket to return to Indiana for Sept. 19th.  My travel agency called on the 18th, and said it looked like I would be able to go, because the back log had eased. When I stepped off the plane in Evansville, I took a deep breath, looked at the sky over Evansville, and thanked God.  In the next few days, I called my family in Canada and told them I would not be coming back. Never again would I be outside the U. S. and behind a closed border.

Lula Dye Clark

My husband and I, along with our 2 sons, were at Universal Studios in Florida on September 11th. We had heard on the radio on the way into the park that a plane had hit one of the towers, but it sounded more like an accident than any kind of attack. We heard no more about it until around 1:00 when security guards started walking the parking asking everyone to leave due to national security reasons, but they couldn't say what it was. We had no idea. When we left the park, tv monitors outside a dining cafe showed everything that had been happening. No words can describe that feeling we had seeing the devastation all at once.

Shari Sullivan Evansville

I was in a communications class at USI. We were all taking our seats but class had not started yet. Someone turned on the tv and we all watched in horror as the second tower was hit. I think class was dismissed early and I went home to my husband. On the way there, cars were already lined up at the gas stations.

Joany Whitesell

Where was I that September Day? I was at work. I received a phone call on my cell from a friend who needed a ride. He was dropping off his car at the shop and needed a ride back to his office. As I went downstairs from my office, several of my co-workers were in one of the offices talking about a plane that crashed in to the World Trade Center. They told me about it because they knew I was from NY.

I didn't have much to say because I was in a rush to get my friend. So I left to meet him at the shop he was going to. When I got there, we went inside and they had the TV on. There you could see the World Trade Center on fire. We asked about it and was told about the jet liner that crashed.

I could not believe it. Then we watched as the second tower got struck by another plane. I still watched in total amazement. I don't remember too much as to what I was thinking over then next several minutes. I do remember, almost chanting, that they will not fall. We both stood there and watched till the first of the towers fell. I was shocked and do remember my friend asking if I thought they would fix it, rebuild it. I replied with a yes, of course.

Then the second of the towers fell. I told my friend it was time to go as I was about to cry. For real. I was born and raised in NY and I still remember when the Twin Towers were built. My father and Mother took my brother and sisters and I to the Twin Towers one year after they were constructed. I was young but can still remember the visit. I can still feel the ride in the fast elevators and switching elevators when we were halfway up. Then we got to the top, the observation floor. What a sight, I could see for miles.

My brother and I stepped up on the railing that was in front of the windows, leaned forward and rested our heads on the window. As we looked down we could see the flashing lights of a fire truck. The truck looked as big as one of our matchbox cars. I remember asking my Dad if we were going to burn down because there was a fire truck down there.

When the Twin Towers fell, it was and still is a feeling I can't describe.

It still brings tears to my eyes. Even after 5 years, I still don't think I'm ready to watch any of the specials that are about to be aired. The attack still feels personal, as personal as it would feel if someone was to attack my house and burn it down.

Thank you for listening.

Dave Anderson, Mt Vernon, IN.

I had just finished my night shift at our local hospital and I had laid down to go to sleep when a friend phoned to tell me the news. I did not have a complete undertanding of the destruction until my next shift that evening. America is home to the poor, rich and anyone who can get a green card. Sadly, our world had lapseed so in "public observance" the terrorist had already blended in our society. I say they should all go back. Anyone of that culture. I know Americans of all nature have done terrible things, but think on this when you wash your car do you only wash half of it? My views on this attack are complete now.Descendants of those  people are still here and some of them will be celebrating on our day of mourning. I am not prejudice, however I believe in God and our nation stands under a saying "In God we Trust" If you don't beleive in God as these people do not. Go back to your hole in the ground and pray a missionary of the truth will grace you presence and teach you

Muhlenberg County,  Kentucky

My name is Beth Wilcox, On September 11, 2001, I was driving home from a college class at MSU and in the short time it took for me to get from my car into my apartment everything was happening, as soon as I got into my apartment, my 2 roommates yelled at me to get my TV on, see I had the only TV in the apartment, and so I did and as soon as I did I saw the second tower get hit.  I literally was sick at my stomach because I couldn't believe what was happening because I had just been to NY about 2 years before, so I felt like a part of me was gone.  I cried for hours and then sat in front of the TV after we moved it to the living room for all of us to watch.  I had a class that night and we only stayed about 45 minutes because none of us could stay focused on what we needed to do.  Also, I was worried about my roommate because her father was to be flying that day and she was having trouble getting any information about that.

Beth Wilcox Providence, KY

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a relatively new teacher at Harwood Middle School. I was in my classroom during my planning period, when the school's counselor came in and told me and another teacher that the Twin Towers had been hit. I knew someone who worked there. Praise the Lord, he had that day off! I flew to the TV in the office, only to witness the second plane hitting. Not much longer after that was my first class of the day. Trying to explain to those students what was happening in our world was difficult. I was crying, not only because of those emotions, but I was also 2 months shy of delivering our first child. Wondered what the world had come to, and who was responsible for this horrendous event? It seems like only yesterday... God be with the lost and with their loved ones!

Rachael Riley Newburgh, IN

I was at home having a very quiet peaceful morning with my baby feeding him some breakfast, when my mother called me from Spain and asked if I was watching the news. The second plane hit just as the image of my TV came on. It is a moment I will never forget. I never understood when people would say they could still exactly picture when Kennedy was shot. NOW I understand!

Patricia McMurtry

I am Scott Alverson. I live in Northern Illinois right now but on 9/11/01 I was in Indianapolis. I was working for the NBC Television station in Indy at the time. I work nights so I was still sleeping. I woke up about 8:30am with the radio on. I was listening to the country radio station. There was no music on and I didn't know why. I heard NBCs Today Show on with Katie Couic. It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on. I turned on the tv and started watching and I couldn't believe what was happening. I got a call from work and was told I needed to come into work. When I got there, about 3:30pm, I got a call from my neice, who was a student at Harrison High School. She asked me what was going on. The teachers at Harrision really didn't tell the students what was happening. I tried to explain to her what I knew but it was hard, even for someone in the news business, to explain what was going on. I think I worked almost 12 hours. I lived out by the airport in Indy and when I got home from work it was quiet. It was a real erie feeling because there are usually planes flying overhead at that hour of the morning. I worked for about 2 weeks straight and I was in the middle of the coverage and it was hard to believe what was going on. To this day it is hard to believe what happened. It was hard for me to watch the coverage of 9/11/01.

Scott H. Alverson

I was in Santa Barbara Ca working as a travel nurse.  I had jsut lay down in my bed after working a night shift and my sister called and told me what was going on.  I hung up the phone and turned on the tv and my other sister called.  Both begged me to get in my car and come home.  My company called and told all of us there to be ready to fly to NYC to help with the injured.  As it turned out, there were only bodies and no one to treat.  Some of us stayed on assignment and were thanked by the hospital for not bolting.  Others left immediately to be with family.  My daughter had heard that Los Angeles was going to be hit nest and called asking how far I was from LA. I'll never forget being so afraid and not knowing really what to do: stay or go home.  The whole ordeal was very frightening!

Holly Ridings Rn, from Henderson Ky

I was a Special Agent with the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury (retired in 2003), and September 11, 2001, was my birthday.  I was working at my desk, when one of my fellow agents called me.  He was at home with a sick child, and informed me that he was watching CNN, and that an airplane had flown into one of the World Trade Towers.  I commented that perhaps it was a small plane, that had gotten off course.  While we were talking, the agent interrupted me, and stated that another airplane had just flown into the other Tower.  We knew at that point, that this was no accident.   Then, I remembered.  We had recently received intelligence bulletins, stating that some terrorist groups were threatening the U.S.  Of course, these threats against the U.S. were so common, that we did not think about them that much.   We had a lot to learn.

Jack Branson  (formerly of Madisonville, KY) Cumming, GA

On September 11,2001 I was on my way to Good Samaritan Hospital to see my husband, he had just had lung surgery the day before and was in the ICU, I listened to it on the radio all the way there from Petersburg, When the first tower fell I was almost to Vincennes and the second tower fell as I walked in the door of his room, I can remember the nurses had his television on in his room and they were watching it, But my husband had no idea it was even going on because he was still kind out of it from the meds they had him on. Maybe that was a good thing. It is sad to think that someone can attack us on our own land and that we pretty much taught them how to do it.

Linda Collins

I was in Fairfax, Va where my husband was stationed at the Pentagon. He was an Air Force Colonel assigned there. I heard about the plane hitting the Pentagon and saw the side of the building gone. I had no idea where in the building he worked so I waited for about 4 hours with our 2 small daughters for the phone to ring. Finally someone from his office called and simply said, "Don't worry, Mark got out ok". That was the best phone call of my life and I couldn't have been prouder when the next morning he put on that uniform and went back to work.

Julie Brugh Proud wife of retired AF Colonel Mark S. Brugh

I never will forget that day. I remember being a small child and hearing my mom talk about where she was when President Kennedy was shot. I asked her how she remember every little detail. I never understood it until September 11 th.  Now I understand completely. I was on my way out the door when the first plane hit. I remember thinking how awful for those people and their families. By the time I got to work the second plane hit and I knew something wasn't right.  Then the Pentagon. When it came over the radio that our country was under attack I will never forget the sinking feeling in my stomach and the hurt for those families of the lost people. Then When the collapses came I felt like sitting down and crying. I am very proud to have been a citizen of a country, who had policemen and firemen and everyday people who gave their lives and rushed into those buildings just to help strangers no matter who they were.  My husband, and all three of my daughters are in the Indiana National Guard and people ask me how can I not be upset that they joined after that happened and how can I not worry. I worry every day that they will be deployed, but I have to go on with life. I support them whole-heartedly because if it wasn't for the men and women who are there now it could have been worse. Bless their families for everything they give up.  We live in a country that is full of many wonderful people, just look around. Even if you don't agree with the President's decision don't be ugly to those in any uniform because if it wasn't for those who wore the uniform before them you would be able to express your feeling freely. God bless and support all emergency workers, military and their families, veterans of any branch (just because they haven't been to war does not mean they aren't veterans) and those who lost their life on Sept 11 and in the conflict following.

Amanda Yarde, Evansville

On Sept 11, 2001 my family was in Gatlinburg Tn. for my Daughter wedding, her wedding was later in the day and I had the TV on just to kill a little time, I started to watch TV after the first plane hit and before the son-in-law parents are from Spain and I didn't know how they where going to get home after they grounded all the planes.. I just wanted to get the wedding over and get home because I thought it was the start of World War 3...

Making copies for my boss when I heard the news from a co-worker.  I felt like everyone else...why would anyone do this to us?  My heart just sunk to the floor.  I did alot of praying that day for the people who lost their lives, their families, and for all americans who truly are americans.  The people who lost their lives that day are in a much better place now.

I was at home, crying, scared, and trying to reach the school that my daughter was attending, I wanted to go pick her up, hold her tight, and keep her safe. My birthday is on September 15, it has NEVER been the same since 9/11..  Its just not important to celebrate my birth, when so many lost their lives.

At the stop light on Burkhardt Road and Morgan Avenue by myself when it was announced on WABX.  I have family in West Virginia, thought that the one that went down in Pennsylvania was close to them.  Called them to make sure every one was OK.   Rest of the day was spent watching the sky to see if another one was coming

Helen Gibbs West Virginia

I was in Anchorage, Alaska. It was around 6:00 am when my sons (who were residing in Evansville) called me and woke me up. They asked me if I was okay. I said "sure, why wouldn't I be". They told me to turn on the TV to CNN. So I did and was shocked by what I was seeing. I got to see the second aircraft hit the towers. What really shocked me even more was that, right after the truck bombing of the towers, I was still in the Air Force stationed at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. I remarked to one of the colonels I worked for that "If I wanted to take the towers down, I'd hijack a commercial airliner and fly it into them!" Made the experience of watching that second aircraft even more shocking and unbelievable.

Ken Southerland, Anchorage, Alaska

My name is Melissa Harvey and I am from Pendleton, Indiana.  I was sitting in History class as a Junior in highschool.  It was first period and we had just listened to the announcements and all of a sudden our security guy came to the door trying to unlock it, he finally got it unlocked, and out of breath he said a plane had hit the first tower, we turned on the TV and it was true, we continued watching it every class the rest of the day.  It is that one day of highschool I will never forget.

Melissa Harvey

My name is Audie Givens and I am from Evansville, IN.  On September 11, 2001 I was driving to work on the Lloyd Expressway, as usual running late for work.  I was listening to the radio when I heard them talking about the World Trade Center in New York City.  At that time, I didn't know about the horrible events that had happened, so I changed the station so I could listen to music before I got to work.  When I walked in, I clocked in, got my coffee and was ready to work......No one spoke, phones werent ringing, copiers werent running......Everyone was glued to thier radios and the TV in the conference room.  Still, I had not known what was going on......I could tell by the look on everyones face that something really bad had happened. I made my way to the conference room and watched TV.  I was shocked, stunned, sad, mad, anxious all of these feelings happened at once.  What a very terrible sad day for all.  I never want to relive that moment.  In december of 2002 I had went to New York City for New Years Eve, there I had the chance to witness and see for myself Ground Zero.  Absolutely amazing!!!!  Very touching, I recommend anyone to go see it.

Thank You, Audie Givens

I was on vacation in Panama City Beach FL.  I had just turned on the TV and saw that the first building was hit.  My mother came into the room and we were trying to figure out what was going on when we saw the second plane hit the other building.  We were in shock.  After watching TV coverage for several hours we went down to the beach and it was like a ghost town.  No people on the beach, no boats in the water and obviously, no planes in the air.

Stephanie Hathaway

Here is where I was on September 11, 2001. I was 25 years old and living in Evansville with a roommate. I went to work like usual that morning. I was working for a local neurologist in the front office. My co-worker and I turned on the t.v. in the patient's waiting room and saw the news. We were in disbelief. I thought it was all an accident until we saw the 2nd plane hit the tower. Then we heard the rest of the news about the planes in Washington and Pennsylvania and knew our country had been hit by a terrorist. I remember my mother calling me from Kansas to make sure I was alright. It hit close too home because I just had flown back from Kansas on September 10th. The patients that day were very upset and somber.  The worst memory I have of that day is sitting alone in my bedroom and feeling the loneliest I had ever in my life. I was all by myself that evening and it hurt. I was very worried that my boyfriend wasn't going to be able to come visit me that weekend because of the fear of gas being too high. He was living in Indianapolis at the time and some of the stations up there were charging $5 a gallon.  Whenever September 11 rolls around each year, I remember that lonely feeling and hope I never have to experience that again.

Misty D. Ewing, Evansville, IN