Look Back: Your Letters to Us

More than any event before or since, September 11th, 2001, showed the power of the Internet as an interactive tool to spread news and information.

As you can see here, Tri-Stater's used the relatively new platform to let us know their hopes, fears and eventually their triumph over the events.

Listed below, in no particular order, are e-mailed statements, poems and pictures sent to 14wfie.com about the attacks and their aftermath.

Has anyone noticed today's date?  9/11.........9-1-1.....Ironic, don't you think?                  Kim Fickas

To whom it may concern:       As a seventeen-year-old student attending Reitz High School and Signature Learning Center, I want to express an opinion that I believe is held by many (including myself) and that was influenced by conversations with numerous people.       Now is not the time to accuse, place blame, or prematurely assign guilt to a terrorist culprit. We have a responsibility and an eagerness as United States Citizens to investigate, to solve this horrifying puzzle, and activate our system of justice; that, in a short time, will happen. At this time, I believe that we must attempt to stand back for a moment and embrace the lesson that faces America--awareness. Knowledge is our only ally against the other side, those who wanted our attention-- and got it.  Knowledge cannot bring back the dead, save the dying, or soothe the mourning; however, it can provide opportunities for communication in the future, and with this tool, we may be able to regain confidence in our ability to prevent and respond to such horrific events as this. With this in mind, we now need to become educated and unite as a newly informed nation. We must mourn for those who have perished, pray for those who are missing, give our condolences and respect for all survivors and those who have lost loved ones, and most importantly of all, join together to aid the ailing, to calm the shaken, and rebuild this broken nation.                                                                                                  Sincerely,                                                                                            Hannah Raymond Sept.11, 2001

Terrorism struck again in our world today,

But it struck in our country Our beloved USA. T

he day started out beautiful on this dreadful day,

But many preciuos lives were soon taken away.

So many hearts broken, still waiting in pain,

Wondering if they will hear from their loved ones again.

There will come a day, I know through this gloom,

that these evil people will soon meet their doom.

Lift up your hearts people,

some of the fear will soon fade away,

Let us pray for our country, Our beloved USA.

Our President has said that we are at war,

So many lives lost, but there will be many more.

All other problems now seem so small,

So lets keep faith America and stand proud and tall.

All of the hate and evil in this world today,

I ask,"Heavenly father, please take it away."

God bless us all.

written by Cecilia Faye O'Bryan

In my opinion, the people running the gas stations are as guilty as the nut behind the attacks in  New York and Washington D. C.  Why would any American take advantage of a tragedy like the one today to hike up gas prices and use scare tactics to get people to buy gas at any price?  There is absolutely no reason to believe that our oil supply is going to be cut off.  All those oil producing countries have expressed their horror at what has happened to our nation today.  The jerk responsible has no control over the oil supply, as he is exiled in Afghanistan.  Wake up America!  Jennie Sawyer

I feel that the US has reached the point of extending the sword instead of the dove of peace!!!  we have to answer this threat with a direct response against the countries harboring terrorists activities and let all the world know that we will no longer just threaten but will act!!!!!  LETS KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!                                                                                                                                                    DON BROWN

Once again a sleeping giant must awake, to a new resolve in a different century.  May god help us all.                                                   G. Heithecker

Dear WFIE 14,       Will any schools be closed tomorrow due to the attack of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?                                                                                -Conserned Viewer

Hello,   I don't think I realized the power of the events today until my daughter called me when i got home from work. We were discussing how horrible the attack had been, when my 11 year old grandson came running in from his own back yard and was afraid because he thought he heard an airplane. I pray for the families and  our nation today. We have all been violated.     Thank You

At approx. 6:40 P.M. my husband and I witnessed what looked to be a passenger airliner heading North East over our home in rural Waverly, Kentucky.  My husband was outside and asked me to bring the binoculars, that is how we were able to see it a bit clearer.   If all air traffic is grounded, what could this plane have been?  It did not look to be military in shape or color.  It was silver in color and looked to be a passenger airliner in nature.   Normally, if and when military planes fly over, they are normally much lower than this plane was.   Just a concern and wondering.   Sincerely,   Tina Chapman

I caught this photo on the edge of Poseyville this week and thought that it personified the American spirit in rural America. Shirley Wood