Etiquette Pet Peeves: Here's Some, Add Your Own

In my last article I asked readers to write in about their breach of etiquette pet peeves.  Well, you have spoke and we have listened.  Here are pet peeves reported from people in the Tri-State.

"...the stranger, usually a retail business employee, who calls me "hon" or some other familiar term. If you haven't already addressed this, please do so as it generated several letters to the editor. Personally, I find it unprofessional and mildly insulting from someone I don't know." - Paul Morsey, Owensboro

"My pet peeve is when someone lights up a cigarette at the table while I'm eating, and I'm a smoker." - Shawn Basham, Owensboro

"I may be up in years, but there were several things I was always taught and today I can't believe what I am seeing.  My instructions were to remove your hat, cap, etc. when entering a home, office building, etc.." - Dennis Keller, Owensboro

"We recently went on vacation to an all-inclusive resort we booked through a local travel agency...the gratuities were included in the cost....  As it turned out, the whole trip was a disaster....  The employee we spoke to told us they did not receive any of the tips from the hotel, which explained the lack of enthusiasm and service." - Rosa Payne, Maceo

" It bothers me to see people with name tags on the left side of their chest.  If I try to read their name, I have to direct my line of vision across their body and it feels and looks awkward.  The proper placement for the name tag is on the right shoulder.  The direct line of vision when two people shake hands is first the eyes and then it drops to the right shoulder.  It only makes sense to put your name where it is easily and discreetly seen and read." - Anonymous, Evansville

"My pet peeve is individuals who use a toothpick to pick their teeth at the dinner table.  That is personal hygiene and should be taken to the restroom." - Patryce Collins, Evansville

"Check writers holding up the line in supermarkets.  These are people who get out their checkbooks AFTER their groceries have been rung up and bagged." - Paul Morsey, Owensboro

"People who have their receptionist call me at work and ask me to hold for their boss to speak to me.  My time is just as valuable as theirs." - Tony Roberts, Owensboro

Last but not least, yes, of course I have many breach of etiquette pet peeves, but I am also somewhat known as being a bit of an environmentalist so, my pet peeve would have to be littering.  People who liter are not just being inconsiderate to just one person, but many people and animals.

It seems that the common problem is just simply people who are not being considerate of others.  Just like when using proper English you always have to remember to put yourself last,  that is something good to learn for being considerate to others and hope that those considerations will be reciprocated.

Thanks to all who participated.  I didn't get all of the pet peeves in this article that were reported to me, but keep them coming for Breech of Etiquette Pet Peeves Part II.