Labor Day Weekend: MDA Telethon

The MDA Telethon starts Sunday, after the NASCAR race, on 14 WFIE, and after a short break overnight, continues until Monday evening. Join us down at St. Mary's Manor or just call in a pledge.

Your pledge dollars to the Labor Day Telethon help both children and adults in the Tri-State who have muscular dystrophy.

Meet one of your neighbors who has limb-girdle MD. LGMD is a group of disorders affecting voluntary muscles, mainly those around the hips and shoulders, that are known as the limb-girdles.

Patients lose muscle bulk and strength. They can have cardiac and respiratory problems, too. And because the disease can be passed on through generations, finding a cure becomes a family affair.

Unable to navigate the steps anymore, Keith Mosby uses a Kawasaki Mule to make his way to the backyard.

Kathy Mosby says it's been hard to watch her once incredibly strong husband slowly get weaker over the years.

"Even sacks, not that he couldn't care them, but he didn't want to carry them for very long. They would get heavy, and he'd put them down. Or I'd find that he'd want to come in and sit and rest more," she explains.

It was the proverbial handwriting on the wall. Keith's mother had limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. Soon after her death, his brother, Dennis, was diagnosed with it, too.

"He had it, and I knew, I was pretty sure I had it, too," says Keith.

A trip to the doctor confirmed his suspicion.

Kathy says, "My mind immediately went to the kids because it's an inherited disease, and I know I can help him to the best of my ability and take care of him to the best of my ability, but who is going to take care of my kids."

For their family, limb-girdle hasn't been striking until later in life, so their son, Keith Jr., and daughter, Rachael, don't know if they've inherited the unfortunate family legacy.

Keith says, "They both might not have it - hope for the best."

Unsure of what the future holds, they're more aware of the present. They spend as much time as possible together and raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Their annual winter dance and raffle raised $7,000 this year! It's all money that will go toward finding a cure.

"Hoping to help the kids out; that's the best thing we can do for them," explains Keith.

Kathy adds, "We try to reassure the kids, all the time, that we don't know what the future will bring. You go ahead and live your life, and do the things you're supposed to do now, and just have fun now."

By the way, these are the relatives of former Vanderburgh County Commissioner David Mosby. He is the only one of three brothers who doesn't have it.

Along with the dance and a 4-wheeler run the Mosby's hosted and their grandfather's memorial, they will be presenting a check for $9,000 at the telethon.