5191 Co-Pilot Improves, Pilot Error Possible

UPDATE, WED, 2:30 PM: A family member of the only survivor of Comair Flight 5191 says first officer James Polehinke hasn't mentioned the crash since regaining consciousness Tuesday.

Antonio Cruz, who is the boyfriend of Polehinke's mother, says Polehinke has asked family members "Why did God do this to me?"

Polehinke is off a ventilator now, but could remain in a Lexington hospital for several more weeks, while he recovers from his injuries.

Polehinke was at the controls when Comair Flight 5191 crashed shortly after takeoff on August 27th, killing 49 people.

Investigators say the pilot, Jeffrey Clay, may have taxied the airplane improperly so that it took-off from the shorter runway at the airport.

UPDATE, TUE, 9:30 AM: The lone survivor of last month's deadly Comair plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky is no longer on life support.

Co-pilot James Polehinke is no longer relying on a ventilator at the university of Kentucky medical center's intensive care unit.

The 44-year-old suffered at least a dozen broken bones and a collapsed lung in the crash that killed 49 people.

UPDATE, FRI, 11:00 AM: There was some good news for the sole survivor of Comair Flight 5191 Thursday afternoon.

Doctors have upgraded the condition of first officer James Polehinke from critical to serious. Doctor Andrew Bernard says he upgraded Polehinke's position because he has shown improvement in the last few days.

Polehinke underwent his third surgery Thursday, since Sunday's crash.

Polehinke suffered numerous injuries, including fractured ribs and a collapsed lung in the accident that killed 49 others.

UPDATE, WED, 6:00 AM: A UK Hospital spokeswoman reports Comair Flight 5191 First Officer James Polehinke remains in critical condition Wednesday morning.

During a briefing Tuesday night, trauma surgeon Dr. Andrew Bernard said Polehinke has shown some signs of improvement.

Previously: The doctor treating the only survivor of Comair Flight 5191 says First Officer James Polehinke has improved since being admitted to the hospital, but that he is far from out of the woods.

Doctor Andrew Bernard at UK's Chandler Hospital says Polehinke has several major injuries, including a fractured spine and a fractured pelvis.

Polehinke remains in critical condition and on life support in the hospital's intensive care unit. He underwent more than four hours of surgery Tuesday, to stabilize some of his injuries.

Polehinke was pulled from wreckage by a Lexington police officer and two airport security officers shortly after the plane went down on Sunday morning.

He has not regained consciousness since arriving at the hospital.

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