Personal Birth Consultant

Terri Cooper, R.N.
Personal Birth Consultant

One of the most important decisions you can make: Choosing the right healthcare provider to meet the needs of you and your family. What should you be looking for? What matters most to you? Does the doctor deliver babies at the hospital that you wish to use? Does the hospital fit the healthcare needs and preferences for you and your family?

At St. Mary's Hospital for Women & Children, we want to assist you in exploring these questions about your healthcare needs. Why? Because the more we understand your values and concerns, the better we can anticipate your needs.

St. Mary's Hospital for Women & Children provides you with your own Personal Birth Consultant, a complimentary program designed to meet your special needs during your pregnancy and the early weeks of parenting. Terri Cooper, our personal birth consultant, is a Registered Nurse with special expertise and knowledge about pregnancy - before, during, and after, as well as baby care and breastfeeding. Terri can be a key contact for information and resources, as well as offering support, empathy and understanding. If you are thinking about having a baby or already pregnant, you need to schedule an appointment to meet with our consultant to provide individualized education in helping you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth. She will assist you with hospital services that might be needed during your pregnancy, hospital stay and your return home. She'll help in the arrangement for prenatal and childbirth classes, assistance with paperwork, and coordinate efforts to meet any special needs you have identified assuming that your birth experience is just what you and your family expects.

Thinking about getting pregnant? April can answer any questions you may have about preparations for this important decision in your life.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with Terri at your convenience by calling (812) 485-6016 or Email her.