Harbison Admits to Cornfield Slayings

Nicholas Harbison's behind bars, but the investigation is far from over.

Harbison was arrested Tuesday in an abandoned home behind a trailer where he use to live in Gibson County. His girlfriend, Misty Davis, was with him. She was released to her parents.

The pair turned themselves in two weeks after police say Harbison killed three people and injured another in a Pike County cornfield.

The prosecutor says state police interviewed Nick Harbison Tuesday night. According to a probable cause affidavit, filed in Gibson Circuit Court Wednesday, Harbison admitted to killing those three people and told them where they could find the rifle used in the attacks.

State police say they did recover two weapons, but haven't determined if one or both was used in the killings.

The prosecutor and state police say they've still got a long way to go before this case is closed.

Sgt. Todd Ringle, with Indiana State Police, says, "It's a good feeling the detectives are feeling, very good today [Wednesday]."

After two weeks on the run, Harbison wakes up in jail Wednesday morning. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the woods behind his mobile home where he and his girlfriend, Misty, were staying.

Ringle recalls, "As soon as we got there, both of them were outside, and they gave up. There was no struggle whatsoever."

Misty Davis was released to her parents. The news angered the victims' families, but the prosecutor stresses the investigation isn't over.

Darrin McDonald, the Pike County Deputy Prosecutor, assures, "At this point in time, charges on Misty could go either way depending on what the facts and the circumstances are. It would be illegal at this point to just arrest her just because they're angry with her."

"I understand why the family members are upset that Misty was not taken into custody, but what they need to remember is that our main focus was located - Nick Harbison. We believe he is the one that committed these homicides," says Ringle.

As for Harbison, those families are already pushing for the death penalty.

McDonald says, "They made their feelings pretty clear. I'm going to try and get some scenario where I can - make sure each and every person who is affected by this in these families have the chance to be heard."

But only after the investigation is complete, McDonald has all the facts, and he is ready to face a judge at trial.

"It may not be the issue of whether or not Nick did this. It may end up being an issue to make sure we know why and how, so that the families have all the answers they want," concludes McDonald.

Nicholas Harbison will be formally charged for the murders when he makes his first court appearance Thursday afternoon. Newswatch will be there.