Families React To Suspect's Arrest

The families of Rebekah Acorn and Keela Lynch formed a tight bond in the immediate aftermath of these killings, even appearing in a joint interview on last Saturday's "America's Most Wanted."

They helped each other deal with the pain of loss and mixed emotions of relief and shock following Harbison's arrest.

As if unsure of what to do next, the families of Keela Lynch and Rebekah Acorn gathered on the Pike County courthouse steps to celebrate the arrest of the man accused of killing their loved ones.

Jane Aldridge, Keela's mom, exclaims, "They're captured; they're in custody. We can breathe; we can breathe."

Referring to each other as family, the two grieving mothers shared their relief after 14 days of waiting for any news.

"All of Gibson County, all of Pike County, I think the whole world, the whole U.S. will be resting easier tonight [Tuesday]."

Darrin McDonald, the Pike County Deputy Prosecutor, says, "Predominant feeling is one of relief right now. Nobody got hurt; that's the biggest thing we were worried about."

"We're counting on the judicial system to not fail with this man this time," states Aldridge.

But that relief quickly changed to shock when the families found out that Harbison's girlfriend, Misty Davis, had been released into her parents' custody after one hour of police questioning.

"Charges need to be filed against this person for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Surely there's more questioning that needs to be done to this person than an hour," demands Lynch family member Larry Wrangler.

But police stress that Davis' freedom could be short-lived, and charges against her could be on the horizon.

Pike County Sheriff Todd Meadors assures, "Very possibly could be. The ISP has interviewed her; now, they'll put their information together and come up with a decision on what they're going to do."

The families of Keela Lynch and Rebekah Acorn both say they want prosecutors to pursue the death penalty against Nicholas Harbison.

Prosecutors say that decision will be made after a consultation with all of the victims' families and the Prosecutor's Council in Indianapolis.

Harbison's first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.