White: Harbison Angry, Girlfriend Cheating

Jealousy may have been the motive for the murders of three people last week in Pike County - according to the only survivor.

Police say Nicholas Harbison shot and killed 21-year-old Daniel White, 18-year-old Keela Lynch and 17-year-old Rebekah Acorn in a cornfield.

Cameron White, Daniel White's younger brother, is the sole survivor and is recovering from a gunshot wound and other injuries at a Louisville hospital.

Cameron told America's Most Wanted that Harbison suspected he and his brother knew something about Harbison's girlfriend cheating on him.

"He kept saying, when he was beating me with the gun - he said, 'You know, don't ya?' I said, 'Know what?' He said that right before he shot me. And after he shot me, I was just [long pause] I pretty well thought, if he ain't gonna let me answer, then don't ask it. But I thought he was a friend."

The entire interview can be seen in video at the top of this page.

Cameron White's story and the latest in the search for Nicholas Harbison will air Saturday night, on America's Most Wanted.