More: Interview With Suspect's Stepmom

UPDATE, THU, 7:00 AM: We're learning more about the interview with the 74-year-old stepmother of triple murder suspect, Nicholas Harbison.

Harbison was on the run with his stepmother, girlfriend and young daughter, in the stepmother's vehicle.

On Monday, the Joyce Harbison returned to her sister's home in Princeton, with the toddler and car - but without Harbison or his girlfriend, Misty Davis.

Joyce was arrested Tuesday night, charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.

In a 90-minute interview, Joyce Harbison revealed very little about her whereabouts or what she knew about the case. Newswatch has a copy of the tape of that interrogation.

But she did say she let Harbison use her ATM card to withdraw $400 from her account, just hours after the murder.

Detective: You don't remember asking what they wanted $400 of your money for?
Joyce: I don't recall.

Joyce says she parted ways with Nicholas and Misty on Sunday in Memphis, but prosecutor Darrin McDonald, isn't so sure. "We haven't foreclosed the possibility that they were brought back here - Misty and Nick. It's not something we know, have any direct information of, but something we're looking at."

Detective: He's not here is he?
Joyce: No, but we was coming back and that's when we went on to Tennessee.

Joyce Harbison has since bonded out of jail, after spending only one night.

Continue reading for more of the interview with Joyce and what police have to say about the case...

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Joyce Harbison, the 74-year-old stepmother of accused triple murder suspect Nick Harbison, is behind bars Wednesday morning, charged with aiding and abetting her stepson who remains on the run.

In a 90-minute interview, Joyce Harbison gives only vague details at first, saying she doesn't know what all this is about. "You're almost up with me. I don't even know what happened, or who it was."

She goes on to describe the night of the triple murders, saying she, Nicholas Harbison, his girlfriend Misti Davis and their two-year-old daughter, spent the night at an Illinois motel after picking up money from an Oakland City ATM.

Harbison says the group spent the next few days traveling across the Midwest. Each time, Harbison admits she checked the group into motels under her maiden name, in what police believe was an attempt to avoid capture.

Joyce only says, "Like I said, I don't ask a lot of questions." But Detectives don't give up. "Nick is in a lot of trouble, period. And you're gonna have to remember 'cause I don't want you to get in trouble, too."

Towards the end of the interview, Harbison describes sitting next to the suspect on a motel bed in Jonesboro, Arkansas Saturday night, when his picture came on America's Most Wanted.

That's when Joyce says she asked about the crime. Nicholas Harbison replied, "I can't believe this is happening either," finishing by saying, "they got whatever they deserved."

The families of the two female victims say Joyce Harbison is now getting what she deserves.

"You can love your children, but there has to be a stopping place where you make you children accountable for their actions. And she, as a mother or stepmother, needs to be accountable for any actions she has done herself."

The Pike County deputy prosecutor says he believes Joyce Harbison made up her mind not to help police in their investigation, which is why she's being charging with assisting a criminal.

Joyce did tell police, the last time she saw Nick Harbison and Misti Davis was Sunday night, when she left them in a Wal-Mart parking lot near Memphis, Tennessee.

Nicholas Harbison's 74-year-old stepmother remains behind bars at the time of this update, charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.

Joyce Harbison is in the Pike County jail on a $5000 cash bond.