ISP Process Accused Murderer's Car

Nicholas Harbison is still on the run and Indiana State Police have finished processing the car he fled in, after allegedly shooting four people last week.

His stepmother brought the Ford Taurus back Monday, along with Harbison's two-year-old daughter, Kelsie.

Now, troopers say they have no idea know where Harbison and his girlfriend, Misty Davis, are - or how they're traveling.

But they say people should still be on the lookout.

ISP Sergeant Todd Ringle says, "We want to make it clear that it's very possible that Nick has changed his appearance. If you stop and think about it, if you just simply cut your hair or cut your facial hair off or change the color of your hair, that can drastically change a person's appearance and that's very possible in this case."

Ringle says crime scene investigators will be looking for clues in the items they took from the car.