Suspect Flees With Toddler, 2 Others

Misty Davis with daughter, Kelsie
Misty Davis with daughter, Kelsie

Police are looking for 23-year-old Nicholas Harbison, the suspect in a Pike County triple homicide Monday night. Harbison escaped the area before police caught up with him. He's believed to be driving a bronze, 2004 Ford Taurus.

Harbison's aunt Joyce, his girlfriend Misty Davis and their two-year-old daughter, Kelsie are believed to be traveling with Harbison, but aren't believed to be hostages. Misty's mother, Debbie Davis, believes their lives may be in jeopardy as well.

When Debbie Davis heard about the triple murder, she went to check on her daughter and granddaughter.

Then she watched them drive off with Nicholas Harbison. It wasn't until later she learned Misty was traveling with an accused murderer.

A voice recording on Debbie's answering machine, tries to alleviate her concerns. Misty Davis says, "Nick and I just wanted to tell you that we thought it'd be best to stay away from the house tonight, so Joyce is going to pay for us to stay here in Oakland, and we're just gonna stay here tonight, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you guys, and we're fine."

Debbie recalls their last conversation. "She said, 'We'll be right back and I'll put Kelsie to bed then, then give you a call.' And I said 'okay.'" That's the last time Debbie heard from her daughter since she watched her drive off Monday night with her boyfriend Nick, little Kelsie and aunt Joyce.

Debbie doesn't believe Misty knew about the crime when she got in the car. "Misty did have a restraining order on him, just a few months ago, because he threatened her life." Which gives her more reason to believe her daughter and granddaughter are in danger.

The Davis family is gathered at Debbie's home, waiting and worrying. They call Misty's cell phone constantly.

Debbie and the rest of Misty's family desperately hope for help from the public. "We are trying to get it on TV that they are with him, so if they stop at restaurants, gas stations, wherever - you're going to be seeing the two of them with him."

The family continues to pray for Misty and Kelsie's safe return. And Debbie says, "I know I have to be strong enough to do this, to hope that somebody's gonna see it, or she's gonna see it, or actually - maybe Kelsie will be on the TV and see Nana."

Debbie doesn't know where Harbison is headed, but she says he has family in West Virginia and Oregon. She doesn't think he plans to ever come back, but hopes he'll let his passengers go unharmed.