Victims Identified, Suspect At-Large

Misty Davis with daughter, Kelsie
Misty Davis with daughter, Kelsie


We have new information Wednesday morning, on a triple murder in Pike County, Indiana.

Late Tuesday night, Indiana State Police identified the three victims. But the suspect remains on the run.

The victims are, 18-year-old Keela Lynch of Princeton, 21-year-old Daniel White of Francisco and 17-year-old Rebekah Acorn of Evansville. All three died from gunshot wounds.

Aerial footage in the link above shows the cornfield where the bodies were found Monday night, just west of the Pike County community of Bowman.

The lone survivor of the murders, 18-year-old Cameron White, managed to call for help on his cell phone. Cameron's brother Daniel White, is one of the victims.

And it was Cameron who told police who shot them. Pike County Sheriff Todd Meadors says, "He told me Nicholas Harbison shot him. I asked him why he had shot him, and he stated 'maybe about his girlfriend.'"

Cameron White remains at a Louisville hospital Wednesday morning, where he is being treated for both gunshot and stab wounds.

Meanwhile, the search continues for 23-year old Nicholas Harbison.

He's believed to be driving a 2004 bronze Ford Taurus and may be with his aunt Joyce, girlfriend, Misty Davis and two-year-old daughter, Kelsie.


The lone survivor of a multiple homicide in Pike County is 18-year-old Cameron White of Gibson County, according to the sheriff at the scene.

Police learned of this crime at about 9:05 PM Monday, when the 18-year-old survivor called a relative to say he'd been shot and stabbed, but wasn't exactly sure of his location. It was in the middle of the night so it took officers two hours to locate him.

Once they did, they found the bodies of a man and two women - murdered.

Those bodies are being brought to Evansville for autopsies, to determine the cause of death.

Police do have a suspect, 23-year-old Nicholas Harbison. He's said to be driving a bronze 2004 Ford Taurus. License plate number: 26B6544.

Harbison is out of jail on a $25,0000 bond, suspected in another shooting that he claims was self-defense.

Harbison is traveling with his two-year-old daughter, 21-year-old girlfriend and his aunt. The three females are not considered hostages. The mother of Harbison's girlfriend hopes her daughter and granddaughter will return home safely.

UPDATE, TUE, 7:30 AM: We have more details on the suspect in a triple homicide in rural Pike County.

According to Indiana State Police, 23-year-old Nicholas Harbison is traveling with his two-year-old daughter, 21-year-old girlfriend and his aunt. The three females are not considered hostages.

Harbison is believed to be driving a bronze 2004 Ford Taurus with hail damage.

Harbison is described as approximately 5-feet, 11-inches tall, weighing about 210 pounds. He has brown hair, blue eyes and a scar on his left arm.

At about 9:05 PM Monday, an 18-year-old called a relative to say he'd been shot, needed help, but didn't know where he was.

Indiana State Police and deputies from Pike and Gibson Counties searched a cornfield, north of SR 56 and west of Bowman, for about two hours before finding the teen.

Officers also found the bodies of two females and one male in the cornfield, about 35 miles north of Evansville.

All three were murdered. Their identities and cause of death are unknown at this time.

The injured teen was air-lifted to the University of Louisville for treatment.

Investigators believe Harbison is responsible and are actively searching for him.

Stay with us, we'll have more information as soon as it's available - right here and on Midday.

Previously: Details are just now starting to emerge, but this all started about 9:00 Monday night.

Indiana State Police say an 18-year-old man called relatives on his cell phone, telling them he had been shot - but he wasn't exactly sure where he was.

Once police were notified, they searched for two hours before finding the injured teen in a cornfield, north of State Road 56.

They also found three other bodies in the cornfield. All had been murdered.

The injured teen was flown to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment.

Indiana State Police are still trying to determine the identities of the murder victims, but they believe 23-year-old Nicholas Harbison is responsible.

He may be driving a bronze Ford Taurus.

If you have any information about Harbison or these murders, you are asked to contact Indiana State Police immediately.

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