Think Triathlon...You Can Do It!

You've probably heard of the famous ironman triathlon. That's where you swim two miles, bike another 112, and then, run a full 26 mile marathon.

Thankfully, Evansville's first triathlon isn't as grueling, but will still test the spirit, mind and body of all who participate.

For Danny Scott, it will be one of the highlights of a life-changing year.

Danny Scott says, "I didn't realize it would be that much fun."

Biking was out of the question for Danny Scott last summer. Nerve problems in his feet made it impossible to exercise. As a result, his weight shot up to 303 pounds.

Scott says, "You have horrible self-esteem. You consider yourself a failure because you've let yourself get so out of control."

Surgery would fix his feet, but the rest was up to him. So right after Christmas, he joined the YMCA and started following Jorge Cruise's "3-hour diet" with one exception.

"Saturday night, I go out. I can have pizza, Chinese or whatever I want, and what that does is helps you satisfy those cravings," he continues.

To date, he's lost 65 pounds, and instead of struggling to walk ten minutes on the treadmill, he's now running five miles at a time!

Scott is so confident in his ability that he's ready to challenge himself in the first Evansville triathlon. It's a half mile swim, a 19-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile run.

Scott says, "Unless you push yourself, you'll never know what you're capable of, so that's kind of my philosophy, as I go through this, is that you have to constantly push yourself. Once you get to a certain level, then you want to push and go to the next level and just keep going and keep going."

Triathlon trainer Tina Powers says with practice, anyone can do it, really.

"In one week, you need to do two swim workouts, two bike workouts and two run workouts, with one day off. Depending on whether you want to finish or you want to win is how much you would train for each of those," instructs Powers.

Scott will be happy to finish the race and can already picture what it will be like.

"I plan on screaming by the finish line, I'm sure," Scott says.

The YMCA Spirit, Mind, Body Spring Triathlon is Saturday, August 19. For more information or to register online, you can go to they YMCA's Web site.

And if you're not as brave as Danny Scott, and you don't think you can complete a triathlon by yourself, you can have a team. One person to swim, one to run, and one to bike.

Scott plans on completing the triathlon solo, and he plans to do a bike race and the half marathon in October!