Expert Commentary...Random Acts of Kindness

Everyday I become more and more aware of everyone that my life touches on a day to day basis.  Recently I was trying to calculate how many lives would be affected each and every day if everyone I said hello to, wished a good day to, or waved into traffic during the rush hour, did the same to everyone their lives touched.

Everyday of this year, I am going to continue to improve my life and the lives of those that I come into contact with.  Each and every day, I challenge you to have a positive affect on your life and on the lives of those around you.  Kindness is contagious and it can spread through a community as quickly as the flu.

Here are a few gestures that will help you make a difference in your life and the lives of others:

  • The best antidote to sarcasm when you are on the receiving end, is a good laugh.
  • Being fashionable late is considered rude.
  • If you arrive at a door before other people, simply open it, hold it open, let those behind you go first, and savor all the smiles and thank you's.
  • How you present yourself to the world is how most will know you.
  • A written word, like a thank-you card or note, resonates longer than a spoken word.
  • Don't think of having good manners as a way that you should live your life, but rather, a way you want to live your life.

As I talk to people in all walks of life, it becomes apparent that most everyone is worn out with rudeness and the lack of the simple gesture of kindness.  Young and old alike want to return back to "the good old days", when kindness ran rampant.  The mature remember what it was like and the young realize that there must be a better way.

As you become more aware of those around you, ask yourself these questions, How did we get to where we are today?  What values are we teaching our children for them to pass down to their children?  Children formulate their values from us, so we must be careful with what we purposely and inadvertently teach them.  Our children are the most important resource our country has.  We should teach them about etiquette and reintroduce it back into society.  As you talk to your children, tell them how to treat others, and how to handle difficult situations with their peers, I guarantee you will find an interest and a willingness to understand that will astonish you.  Children are just waiting for us to start the spark that will launch them into an increased awareness of an interest in removing the uncomfortable feelings of rudeness and replacing them with acts of kindness.

When children see simple gestures of kindness that we display, they will be more likely to learn from our example and display good manners themselves.  If each of us made a special effort to teach one child something about etiquette everyday, one can only imagine what a difference we can make, what a difference they can make, what a difference you can make.