Extraordinary First Pitch at Otters Game

It was April 2005, when a drunk driver ran into Jennifer Reutter's home, pinning her underneath the vehicle.

And with the ability to walk and talk again, she has jumped at almost every opportunity to inspire others. And Saturday night's first pitch at Bosse Field was no exception.

Jennifer says, "So I think it'll show others that I am very determined, and I will keep working harder at getting stronger. It'll never end."

More than a year after the accident, Jennifer can throw a baseball, walk on her own, and is again enjoying life with friends and family.

"Mentally, I have progressed a lot," she explains.

And her positive attitude serves as inspiration for those around her.

"Jennifer is an encouragement to us. She is inspiring. Everyday, we see changes going on in her life," says her cousin, Karen Favor.

The former student teacher has plans to get back into the classroom; therefore, in addition to physical therapy for her arm, she also is working on her voice.

Jennifer says, "I can tell that my voice is getting stronger."

And with this first pitch behind her, Jennifer looks forward to tackling new challenges.

"If I'm not able to do something, if something is just difficult for me, I'll just keep trying and trying and trying," she promises.

Jennifer also says that she must undergo several more surgeries. And while she serves as a sign of encouragement for others, she says her students motivate her to get better everyday.