Festival Goers Miss Blue Angels

The last day of Thunder makes a roar at the Freedom Festival. Despite not having the Blue Angels, organizers say it's been one of the best crowds they've seen in years.

Agnes Gish, one festival goer, comments, "My friend Lena here asked me to go last year. I had such a great time that I came back this year."

Lena and Agnes come to Thunder on the Ohio for the food, crowds and racing. But there's one thing they say would have made this year's Freedom Festival a bigger success.

Lena Sherman explains, "It looks pretty big, but I've seen it maybe bigger when the Blue Angels were here."

Festival goers say the great weather was a big reason they headed to the riverfront.

"The temperature is really great this year, and it's not as hot as it normally is to me," Lena says.

Alan McKinney says his booths have sold a lot of food because the weather's cooperated. But like Agnes and Lena, he says he'd like to see the Blue Angels return.

"Every year the Blue Angels have been here, it's been a tremendous year," supports Alan.

Thunder organizers say the races have never been this competitive and that's kept the masses coming.

Hours away from the race, hundreds of people had already showed up along the riverfront and in the water to watch.

Thunder Chairman Tom Sawyer says, "The crowds look very good. Yesterday [Saturday] was probably the biggest Saturday crowd we've ever had."

And while there were some grumbles about this year's price hike, some people we spoke with said it was worth it.

Lena says, "In fact, I bought three of them this year to make sure that other friends and family came with me."