Victims Bake For Tornado Responders

UPDATE, SAT, 7:00 AM: Eastbrook Mobile Home Park residents want to show their gratitude to the emergency workers who responded to the November tornado.

The park's residents started raising money Friday, with a bake sale at the eastside Wal-Mart.

Organizers say residents baked all night to sell the goods all day. This is the first of many fundraising activities leading up to the one-year anniversary of the tornado.

Brandi Crawley of the 'Remembering November 6th' committee tells us, "The response that those people did that night saved a lot of lives, and it meant a lot. So this is very important to me."

The planners say the money raised will cover the cost of a gift and expenses for the memorial event.

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The 'Remembering November 6th' committee held a news conference at the Red Cross Wednesday, stating that fundraisers are on the way to help victims of the deadly twister.

Donations can be made at 5/3. The money will be used to purchase firefighting equipment and to help victims still displaced by the twister.

President of the 'Remembering November 6th' committee, Debbie Burns, tells us, "The effects of November 2005 has not ended. And so it is important to remember these people in what they went through and our motto and our theme for the events that we do. It's all dedicated to those who died, those who survived, and to thank those who gave."

They'll be holding a bake sale this Friday at the eastside Wal-Mart. The funds will be used to have a weekend celebration this November 5th and 6th to remember the victims of that fateful November night.