You and Your Baby

We would like to welcome you and your family to our obstetrical practice. We pride ourselves on having a very caring and professional staff.

Pregnancy is a time of change as your body adapts to care for the new life growing inside you. There are many things that you will experience during your pregnancy which are normal but if you are concerned please feel free to call our office at anytime.

If this is not your first pregnancy you may also experience some things that you did not experience with your first, but again this may not be abnormal, just different. If it concerns you then it concerns, us so feel free to call.

Thomas S. Hastetter, MD

Caryl Lampton, RN
Debbie Stocks, RN
April Mayes, Office Manager
Bethany Parrish, Billing Manager
Leslee Like, Account Representative
Dee Janeira, Ultrasonographer
Jennifer Thoren, Medical Records Specialist

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