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Cheer Coach Faces Allegations

 New Media Producer: Rachel Chambliss

A cheerleading coach faces allegations involving 16 and 17 year old girls, nudity, and in one case, sexual contact.

A Florida state attorney is being asked to consider charges.

The coach, who once taught in the Tri-State, is now recruiting girls for a cheerleading operation in the Orlando, Florida area.

Tony Pipitone from Orlando TV station WKMG looks at the similarities in accusations made four years and 800 miles apart.

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Banners line the rafters of Stars Elite gym in Evansville, IN. Championships cheerleading coach Kevin McGill had before moving to central Florida last June. But among his former cheerleaders, some say that glory is tarnished.

Lindsey Maurer and Jessica Yates were co-captains at Stars and best friends --- until October 2001. They say, a night of alcohol, pornography and nudity with McGill began tearing them apart.

They reunited last month, after the Problem Solvers from WKMG found McGill coaching girls in Florida, including a 16 year old who told police McGill persuaded her to shower naked with him and more.

McGill says the girls, all three of them, are lying.

He says, "You can believe anything you want to believe."

What we know is he says one thing and two girls in Indiana and one in Orlando, Florida say another.

Reporter asks, "Who are we to believe? The same thing happened here [Orlando] that happened up there [Evansville]. Very similar."

McGill responds, "No, it did not."

But the young women in Indiana say the Orange County allegations are stunningly similar to what they say McGill did with them.

Jessica Yates says, "I seriously doubt she's lying. Like in reading this, it's like my night relived over with this girl."

Consider: in Florida, the girl, then 16, says McGill invited her to a team party at his apartment, but no one else showed. Then, a game of "truth or dare" was suggested, leading to them both getting naked.

In Indiana, the girls say McGill promised a team party. The others were no shows. And then suggested, a Ouija board game.

Yates recalls, "Not really sure why you have to get naked to play that, but apparently you do. The ghost wanted us to. The ghost wanted us to get naked."

In Florida, the girl says McGill suggested she skip around his apartment naked before showering with her and guiding her to bed for a naked massage.

In Indiana, Lindsey Maurer says, "He was like, you know, we won't do anything to each other, is what he said. He goes, but if maybe, we have to get up and run around the room naked. He's like let's just go lay in my bed, and we can all talk."

Lindsey, then 17, says she pretended to sleep.

"But I kept feeling the bed move, and I was like there's something going on, but I didn't want to believe it at all," she says.

Jessica Yates adds, "He kept grabbing my arm and putting it down there, and he was aroused. He just kept moving my arm back and back and back, and I barely even touched him. And he pulled my head up and ... finished."

As rumors of that night spread, both girls say McGill persuaded them to deny it.

Lindsey says, "He made me think I was doing the right thing, but I don't think I was. It was right for me at the time, but I felt so guilty."

Because after Jessica went to police, Lindsey continued to deny what they both now say happened.

Lindsey says, "It just tore me up so bad."

Reporter asks, "Do you feel like you let her down?"

She responds, "Yes."

Jessica defends, "I honestly think I would have done the same thing. It's like you're brain washed, like it's a cult."

Evansville police say they did not further investigate Jessica's complaint because she was 16 at the time, and that's the age for consensual sex in Indiana.

But again McGill denies anything improper happened with the girls in Indiana and in Florida.

He passed the stress test given by the Orange County sheriff, and the accuser did not pass it. Investigators say there's no way to prove or disprove the allegations. So the state's attorney's office is being asked to decide whether charges are warranted.

Again, this report originally aired on Orlando TV station WKMG. We talked with a representative from Stars Elite in Evansville Tuesday afternoon. They tell us they have no contact with McGill anymore and haven't spoken to him in about a year.

Newswatch understands McGill left Stars last June.

One Florida gym owner says his gym no longer uses McGill as a recruiter after seeing these reports.

The Florida state attorney is considering possible charges from the allegations in that state. McGill maintains all the women in the reports are lying.

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