Melissa Reitz, RN

Advancement of the Profession
Nurse of the Year

Nominated by Angela Lacy-Wilhite

The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated:

  • Outstanding contributions to the profession of nursing
  • Professional development
  • The elevation of the profession within the Deaconess System
  • Professional nursing image

Melissa is the primary night shift resource person on her unit. Although she has only been a nurse for a few years, very experienced nurses on her unit go to her for advice.

She uses critical thinking skills to solve a problem and is highly respected by her co-workers with regards to her expertise and judgment.

I hear Melissa say almost weekly, "I do it because it is what is best for the patient" she cares. She truly cares about not only her assigned patients, but all patients.

She does not let anyone around her go halfway - she pushes us all to do more, and be better nurses.

She is a true champion of evidence based practice. She reviews the literature daily and asks the tough questions - should we be doing this at Deaconess.

She reads journals all the time. On any given day you could ask her what journal articles she has read and she could probably list 10!

Recently one of our councils was needing new leadership. She stepped up and embraced that job with gusto. She takes nursing very seriously and is passionate about our nursing standards at Deaconess.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with her.