Dara Bilder, RN

Nurse of the Year

Nominated by Charlene Towery

The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated:

  • Excellence as a nursing mentor
  • Creative, individualized approach to learning
  • Encouragement for critical-thinking
  • Innovation in approaching clinical issues
  • Support of the learner
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Professional nursing image

Dara has excellent nursing skills. She knows medications and what they are used for.

If she doesn't not have the information, she keeps digging until she finds the answer.

She plans for patient's comfort and safety.

Dara watches the patient's diagnosis to make sure that they are appropriate for our unit.

Dara has a clam demeanor and makes everyone feel that she is available in an emergency.

Dara is on the Council committees, diabetic team and wound care team.