Paula Snodgrass, RN, MSRN, WOCN

Community Service
Nurse of the Year

Nominated by Angela Lacy-Wilhite and Dara Bilder

The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated:

  • Commitment to the healthcare of the community
  • A positive impact on the betterment of families/communities
  • Community nursing care
  • Professional nursing image

Paula demonstrates excellence in nursing by sharing her expertise with, not only our patients and their families, but the entire Deaconess nursing staff.

Paula is a very strong patient advocate. She is always on the phone with the patient's physician informing them of patient's needs and educating them on our new products, as well as giving them vital statistics and research data.

Paula always makes sure that each disciplinary team is aware of the patient's needs and educates everyone.

Paula is a certified medical-surgical nurse as well as a certified ostomy, continence nurse. She left her family for 9 weeks to attend school in Georgia to learn more about her specialty and gain valuable experience.

Paula leads the NDNQI prevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers study quarterly which provides statistics to help deliver better care at Deaconess and nationwide.

Paula is a strong patient advocate, very knowledgeable in her field, an excellent educator, and a role model/mentor to all.

Paula frequently speaks at local conferences and gives inservices to our staff regarding wound and ostomy care.