Mary Ann Allen, BSN, RN

Nurse of the Year

Nominated by Ellen Wathen

The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated:

  • Excellence as a nursing mentor
  • Creative, individualized approach to learning
  • Encouragement for critical-thinking
  • Innovation in approaching clinical issues
  • Support of the learner
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Professional nursing image

Mary Ann functions as an educator for new employees of the hospital.

Mary Ann has a warm and non-threatening approach with all employees. She sincerely wants everyone to learn on the level that they are capable.

Her sincerity is recognized by others.

Mary Ann uses music and icebreakers to put the learners at ease and to emphasize the Deaconess FIRST qualities.

When teaching new material, Mary Ann is able to put employees at ease, is very open to questions, and gives praise.

Mary Ann considers the level of experience that the new employees possess and then builds on this to enhance teaching.

Mary Ann incorporates research-based and current nursing literature in her classes. She participates in the literature review via the Health Science Library.

Summary: Mary Ann is awesome!