Kelly Talbott, RN

Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice
Nurse of the Year

Nominated by Amy Dingman

The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated:

  • Excellence in nursing practice
  • Caring, competence, and commitment to patients
  • Passion for patient care
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Professional nursing image
  • Responsibility for professional development
  • Role model and mentor attributes

Kelly is a resource person and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism.

Policies and procedures are followed accordingly, even when the time calls for quick judgments.

The patient's well-being is always #1, and you can see that in her daily practice.

Our job isn't always cut and dry and she can adapt to emergent situations, take control, and get the job done

The time we have to get to know a patient isn't very long. In that short period of time, Kelly develops a rapport with patients and always explains things to them, along with family teaching when appropriate.

If Kelly doesn't know something, she always looks at our policies, and/or speaks with the educator or manager to arrive at a solution.

Kelly is a patient advocate, and is not afraid to respectfully confront a doctor when the patient needs to be spoken for.

Never in my nursing career have I seen a nurse who treats patients and co-workers with the amount of caring and respect that she does.