New Season, New Hair Color

(ARA) - Spring is a time of new beginnings - time to shake the winter doldrums with some fun new fashions, a hip hairstyle and an updated hair color. The look for this season is fresh and natural. Neutrals are in for both clothes and makeup. For spring, it's all about subtle yet modern color. Eye shadow is muted, but perhaps with a slight shine. Lip color is soft yet shimmery. This trend is reflected in hair color for spring - the must-have look is multi-toned color with subtle highs and lows.

"Updating your hair color is a great way to make the transition from winter to spring," says Chuck Hezekiah, color expert for Garnier. He explains that since people spend so much more time inside during the winter, hair color starts to look flat. "In the spring and summer, when you're outside more, gardening or biking, your hair gets that sun kissed effect, with subtle differences in color."

But why wait for Mother Nature? You can have that natural, multi-dimensional look now with Garnier's new Color Breaks. The product can be used on natural or color-treated hair to create subtle highs and lows that give your color depth and movement.

Best of all, you can give your hair new life without a trip to the salon. Color Breaks uses a simple brush-on system that makes it easy to get professional-looking results at home. The product can be used either immediately after your permanent haircolor application, or within 15 days of coloring your hair. It can also be applied to un-colored hair to add depth and dimension.

Hezekiah offers these technique tips for great results:

* For classic brightening, apply Garnier Color Breaks after coloring hair with permanent hair color. Divide hair into 8 to 10 sections, using a maximum of just 10 strands per section. "Brush in the product with a light touch for beautiful color with soft breaks and added brightness to frame your face," advises Hezekiah.

* For a multi-tonal effect, use Color Breaks before you color your hair. "Simply brush in the lightener where you want subtle highs and lows," says Hezekiah. Next, following product directions, apply your favorite haircolor over Color Breaks. "The result is a beautiful, multi-tonal effect that blends perfectly with your hair color," he says. Over time, this technique will deliver even more beautiful tone-on-tone dimensions and a tortoise shell effect.

There is a Color Breaks for every hair shade: No. 1 for light blonde to medium blonde, No. 2 for dark blonde to light brown, No. 3 for light auburn to reddish brown and No. 4 for medium brown to dark brown.

This spring, when you update your look, don't overlook your hair. Look for Color Breaks at food, drug and mass market retailers, or visit for more information.

Courtesy of ARA Content