Sheriff's Dept. Gets 18 New Tasers

Deputies with the Daviess County Sheriff's department are getting some new tools to help subdue unruly suspects.
The sheriff's office applied for federal grant money to buy 18 new tasers. The department has three now. Deputies say the taser is a more humane way to subdue a suspect than the nightsticks they use now.
With these new tasers each patrol officer will have a taser on their uniform.
Captain David Osbourne says, "Our guys and women are out there a lot of times, by themselves and they get into a lot of times, get into a physical confrontation, so we think the taser is going to be a real asset to our department and the safety of our deputies."
Sgt. Kenny Riley tells us, "In law enforcement as a whole it'll help us greatly because we don't have to - it prevents struggles with suspects."
The Daviess County Sheriff's office hopes to get the grant money by June, and have all of their officers trained by September.