More about Kokie's

General Information

Final menu selection and estimate guarantee of attendance is due no later than six weeks prior to event. The final  guarantee of attendance is due seven business days prior to event.

*A $50.00 service charge for parties under 75 people.
*A $75.00 delivery fee for parties over 25 miles.
*Meals can be priced using paper and plastic.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation at Echo Valley or Cottonwood Center the following will apply:
One or more full years notice a full refund or deposit.
Under a year Kokies will have to re-book the date to be able to refund deposit.
If cancellation accrues seven days prior prior to 10% of estimated bill will be charged.

Off Site catering cancellation:

No charge up to seven days prior. With in seven days 10% of estimate bill will be charged.