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Kokie's Ala Carte Items

Kokie's Ala Carte Items

Hot Items
Dutch baked beans $66.15
German potato salad $66.15
Augratin Potatoes $77.20
Mininature italian meatball $144.00
Hot chicken wings $108.00
Macaroni n cheese $77.20
BBQ cocktail weiners $108.00

Cold Items
Macaroni salad $66.15
Pasta salad $66.15
Deluxe waldorf salad $99.25
Fruit compote salad $88.20
Seven cup salad $99.25
Cheese ball rolled in pecans $66.15

Hor D'Oeuvre Tray
Hawaiian fruit tray $110.25
Fresh vegetable tray w dip $110.25
Deluxe deli tray $132.30

Desserts by the slice
Cakes: Chocolate, white & spice $1.15
Black forest cak $1.40
Carrot cake $1.30
Cobblers: cherry, peach, apple $1.40
Cheese cake with topping $1.40
Apple dumpling with cinnamon sauce $1.40
Bread pudding $1.40
Apple crisp $1.70
(Other desserts available upon request)

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