How To Love Your Heart

Only you can love your heart. There are some risk factors for heart disease you can control:

  • High blood pressure. This condition can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Smoking. If you smoke, your risk of developing coronary heart disease is two to four times that of nonsmokers.
  • High cholesterol. The higher your total blood cholesterol, the greater your risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Physical inactivity. Lack of physical activity increases your risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Obesity or overweight. If you have excess body fat — especially at the waist — you’re more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke.
  • Diabetes. Having diabetes increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, especially if your blood sugar is not controlled.

There are other risk factors to be aware of — talk to your doctor about how your age, race and heredity may affect your risk for heart disease.

Explore these links from the American Heart Association for information, tips and tools to help you get started on a heart-healthy lifestyle that will lead to a longer, stronger future.