High Heeled Shoes Cause More Pain Than Gain

Fashion boutique owner, Katie Blair, has to keep her eye on the latest Hollywood trends.

Even all the way here in Evansville, women want heels.

"District" owner, Katie Blair, says she feels like she's strutting a little more when she walks, and it's a lot easier to find trendy heels than it is to find flats.

Katie dares to wear the tallest and pointiest of shoes, even if they hurt her feet. She says it's a "no pain, no gain type of thing."

Podiatrist Stuart Love hates what heels can do. He says a shoe should not hurt your feet at any time.

Dr. Love says with every step, heels places a tremendous amount of weight on the ball of the foot, and that extra weight can cause trauma to the nerves that run underneath the foot. That' where pain can be exacerbated since the natural padding thins with age.

Shoes that are too tight in the toe box can cause bunions which may need to be corrected by surgery.

Dr. Love says occasionally, he'll see hammer toes which are contractions of the toes. He says if that happens long enough, they tend to remain in that condition and become more painful over time.

His advice? Find shoes that conform to the natural curve of the toes. Buy them late in the day when your feet tend to be more swollen. Stick to heels no more than an inch and half high.

"District" does sell shoes with some degree of comfort in mind, a wedge instead of a heel. It's a step in the right direction for stubborn fashionistas.

Katie says she'll probably never give up the heel. She says she'll probably just wear it more selectively.