Tornado Victims Fighting Insurance Companies

There's more help for victims of the November 6 tornado.

Staffers from the Indiana Department of Insurance hosted a meeting Tuesday night to help answer some questions, and get help for those having trouble with their insurance claims.

It's been just over two months now since an F-3 tornado ripped through Warrick and Vanderburgh counties. And many people just aren't satisfied with the treatment they're getting from their insurance companies.

Tuesday night's session was for those who are facing financial difficulties because, for whatever reason, they haven't been able to settle their claims yet.

Darlene Wentzel says, "We've got an insurance company that doesn't want to respond to calls, doesn't want to comply, and send copies of appraisals that they've done."

It's been more than difficult for the many victims of the November 6th tornado when it comes to trying to settle their insurance claims.

Darlene Wentzel expresses, "Every avenue we've turned down. We've been slammed in the face, so right now it's one day at a time."

To help ease the pain the Indiana Department of Insurance held two meetings at the Ohio Township Library to offer a helping hand.

Chief Deputy Commissioner Carol Ann Mihalik says, "We're trying to help give some different variables as to what might happen when, and what phone calls we might make for some people, or suggest a complaint is the thing they need to do."

For those people who are struggling emotionally and financially from the tornado, this meeting may have helped them find some answers they've been looking for.

Carol Cook replies, "This is the best thing I think that has happened because they are answering their questions."

The people with the Indiana Department of Insurance told Newswatch that if you are having problems with your insurance claim from the tornado call them at 1-800-622-4461 or visit their Web site.