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Closing In On The Busler's Killer

Reporter: Emily Sinovic

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Three months ago Friday, a clerk was shot and killed at the Busler's convenience store on Highway 41. Detectives are hard at work, tracking down the killer.  And now, they believe that killer might be from the Tri-State.

Investigators tell us they are leaning toward the idea that the shooter was local. They didn't say what information they have, but they did tell us their three months of investigation and more than 100 tips have led them to people who say they know something about this murder.

After many of those interviews, investigators tell us, some of the stories and names start to match and now any tip could be the key to a murder mystery that haunts Jean Cook's family.

Jean's daughter, Bobbie Jo Cook, has dealt with the painful truth for the last three months. "It's something you realize you can't fix. You can't put a Band-Aid on it, and nobody can kiss you and tell you it's better."

Her mother is never coming back, because someone police are still searching for, took her away. "She was murdered. She was shot just like she was nothing and she was more than what anybody could ever imagine. She was my everything."

Bobbie Jo meant everything to her mother too. She was the first person her mother called after being shot twice.

Bobbie Jo: "My mom just called me from her cell phone and said she's been shot twice. Oh my God - is she okay?"

Central Dispatch: "I don't know. We're trying to get more information."

She died days later in the hospital. Now months later, there may soon be answers.Bobbie Jo says, "I want them to tell me why. Why did you shoot her?"

Detectives are interviewing dozens of people with more than 100 leads.

Bobbie Jo says finding her mother's killer will help the healing. But the hardest part, is knowing that it will never bring her back.   "I just miss my Mom. She was shot like she was nothing and I will never be at peace with that. Ever."

Detectives are still working with a sketch of a middle-aged, grey-haired woman, but they can only be about 50-percent sure this matches the description of the shooter. The witness who described the shooter only got a quick look. The tips they are receiving are encouraging any tips, whether or not they match the description.

Anyone with information can call the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department at (812) 435-5713.

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