St. Mary's Has New Pediatrics Facility

In July, Newswatch told you about a town hall meeting St. Mary's Medical Center hosted to ask parents how pediatric services could be improved.

Wednesday, the hospital announced its St. Mary's Center for Children. Located on the main campus in an existing building, the center will provide families with sub-specialist doctors, scheduling assistance, support group, insurance and case management all under one roof.

Parents won't have to travel to Indianapolis or Louisville for these services. Nora Mitz is the mother of triplets: "I never ever thought that this would be a possibility, that the burden would start being lifted, that I can look toward kindergarten next year and think, 'We're going to have a comprehensive program in place', so my life is better, my children's life is better."

The center will provide referral and treatment resources for autism and feeding disorders. Some of the services will be available as early as the spring.