Diabetes at Home

The Amedisys Diabetes disease management program has been developed based on the national standards set by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Patients and their families learn basic survival skills, as well as self-management techniques necessary to control diabetes and the acute and chronic complications associated with it.

The Diabetes at Home program incorporates the components of structure, process and outcome as established by the ADA. Each of these elements contains several standards.

There are presently 10 elements of education content required by the ADA that are in the Amedisys Diabetes Disease Management Program.

The Amedisys self-management diabetes program was recently awarded "Recognition Status" by the American Diabetes Association for the Atlanta, College Park and Kennesaw, GA agencies. Programs that achieve Recognition Status have demonstrated excellence in diabetes patient education through implementation of a structured program and well trained educators providing information and education to patients and their families.